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Listen to the 8ify.com Podcast with Matt Hunckler

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Listen to the 8ify.com Podcast with Matt Hunckler

8ify.com and Brandon Corbin (@brandoncorbin) has started running a series of podcasts that, although only 9 episodes deep, has been fantastic.  Lots of local tech and startup gurus have been featured – so I encourage you to 8iFY on iTunes or the Podcast RSS Feed.

The latest podcast featured Matt Hunckler – who Brandon describes as:

…a non-stop startup adventurist and the driving force behind the hugely popular Indianapolis Startup meetup known as Verge (formerly known as Hackers and Founders). Matt is the Chief Evangelist of Repurify.com and is the Director of Marketing for Slingshot SEO.

Take a listen – Matt has a good story and a very fresh perspective.

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Plug Into the Indianapolis Startup Community (via StartupSpectator.com and IndySpectator)

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Plug Into the Indianapolis Startup Community (via StartupSpectator.com and IndySpectator)

Nothing like spreading the startup love around.  Our friends over at StartupSpectator.com and IndySpectator.com posted a nice article about the some of the resources around Indy / Indiana for the startup community. IndianaStartup.com was mentioned, along with some other great resources and events.  You can read the full post below.  If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for IndySpectator.com – an email based “succinct guide to the most important happenings and events occurring everyday in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.” And make sure to check out StartupSpectator.com.

So you’re interested in starting a business someday? I know that’s an aspiration I have that’s probably shared with quite a few of you. Yet few people actually achieve the dream of starting their own company. There are myriad of reasons of why that’s the case, but I think one of the biggest ones is the inability to find support or a partner that can help you build a business. Think about some of the most successful companies of our time. Bill Gates had Paul Allen with him every step of the way at Microsoft. Steve Wozniak was there to hack together a new kind of computer with Steve Jobs at Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg relied a lot on Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz when he was building Facebook. Great companies are usually built by a team because, let’s face it, rarely is anyone as good enough at every aspect of business to be able to handle it alone.

But how do you find the right people to partner with and/or support your business? We have you covered, and lucky for you, Indianapolis is starting to grow a fairly strong entrepreneurial community. Check out these resources and events if you’re a budding entrepreneur or even if you’ve always kept the thought of starting your own business in the back of your mind.

Startup Spectator

Startup Spectator is our sister site so we’re a little partial. Still, it’s beginning to grow into a great source of information on what is currently going on in the startup community. On Startup Spectator you’ll find news on local startups, interviews with entrepreneurs, and op-ed’s from people involved in the community.


Another great source of information is IndianaStartup.com, but with a slightly different angle. IndianaStartup.com features a collection of tips for entrepreneurs, which will help you cover the bases when you do decide to launch your business. You’ll also find profiles on local startups so you can get a feel for the kind of businesses that are just starting out in our community.

Startup Digest
Startup Digest is a national publication that covers events related to entrepreneurship and technology. We’re lucky to have a dedicated Indianapolis list that comes to your inbox once a week on Monday mornings with all of the startup related events happening throughout the week. It’s great for technology enthusiasts with several events dedicated to discussing the latest programming trends and also great for people generally interested in business with networking events and high profile speakers.

If you only took my advice on one of these recommendations then Verge would be it. Formerly known as Hackers and Founders, Verge is a once a month meetup at the Earth House Collective downtown where hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and “hackers” converge to pitch new business ideas and discuss what’s coming next. If you’d like to connect with the who’s who of the Indianapolis startup community then you absolutely need to come to this event. You can sign up on the Meetup page and also look for the new Verge websitecoming soon.

Startup Weekend
This might be the best way to force yourself to get started working on a new business. Startup Weekend is a 54 hour marathon (don’t worry you’ll have time to sleep…but maybe not much!) where you quickly form a team and start working on a new business. The goal is to have that business ready to launch by the end of the weekend. It may not be perfect and adjustments may have to be made, but at least you’ll have the foundation of a new business just by coming to this event. The next weekend will be April 8-10 at the Purdue Research Park.

Now go get involved in the vibrant entrepreneurial community that is growing in Indianapolis!

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