What Makes Indiana a Great Place to Start a Business – Part I

Our mission here at IndianaStartup.com is to not only help entrepreneurs and startups by providing useful information from all of our guest bloggers – we want to get the word out about why Indiana is a great place to start a business (see tag line at top of screen).  One of the questions I have been asking each of our featured startups is “In your opinion, what makes Indiana a great place to start a business?”  Lots of people around this state have opinions on this topic – but really – who knows better than the people that are in the trenches.  I have included a summary post below of all the responses we have received to date.  Have something to add?  Leave a comment!

“In your opinion, what makes Indiana a great place to start a business.”

The people in Indiana—especially central Indiana—are wonderful. They are intelligent, hard-working, and proud of their state. They want to turn central Indiana into a hot spot of entrepreneurial activity, and they’re passionate about that goal. These people are the reason why the entrepreneurial community here is growing so rapidly. Another thing that makes Indiana a great place to start a business is the limited amount of government interference. Bigger governments in other areas can make starting and growing a business more difficult than it has to be.    – Matthew Barloh, Sales and Marketing Manager, Giggil.com

Indiana’s startup culture is beginning to gain national recognition. We have a history of creating some great online marketing and software companies. There is a lot of talent, and because the startup scene is still relatively small, the competition for that talent is not as great as it is in other areas.  – James Paden, Founder, Emailium.com

Indiana has a very active tech community. We’ve seen it with groups like the newly rechristened “Verge” and with Indianapolis Startup Weekends. Additionally, there are communities in Indiana that are interested in bringing in new businesses and are willing to help. We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with the city of Shelbyville, who wants to bring more tech jobs to their area and have funds budgeted for economic development. Communities like Shelbyville are becoming more proactive in bringing in jobs and it makes this a great place to start a business. – Andrew Morin, Cofounder, LifeShare Technologies

I love Indiana. I have started several companies here (from lawn care to .com’s to a real estate company) and enjoy the people, low cost of doing business, and opportunities. – David Hosei, Founder, eFamily.com

Indiana is a wonderful state, full of interesting people and strong demographics. As a marketer, Indianapolis serves the purpose of “concept” testing very well and is ideal for an endeavor such as launching your own online business. More specifically, the city of Indianapolis, has provided a great opportunity for profitability and growth for Snappening.com for a number of reasons, the first and foremost being its pending spotlight associated with the 2012 Super Bowl. While investment has slowed or stopped elsewhere in the country, the Indianapolis region continues to flourish to meet the demands of its industries. The ten-county region surrounding Indianapolis is literally “raising the game” with its high-profile event preparations. The most noteworthy of these preparations being the multi-billion dollar investments in new event facilities such as the Indiana Convention Center’s expansion (moving Indy from the 32nd to 16th largest meeting facility option in the nation) and the construction of the new JW Marriott.  Indianapolis has nowhere to go but up in our nation’s meeting and event industry profile, and we certainly want to be part of a collective effort to make this process the best it can be. Being a Hoosier native myself, I couldn’t think of any other place I’d rather start that right here at home. – Crystal Grave, Founder, Snappening.com

If I have learned anything in this process, it is that Indiana is just wide open for so many opportunities. There are many businesses that are absolutely booming in bigger cities that have not come to Indy, and I have also found that people are just so supportive of local business. Indy has a lot of great resources and a population that wants to see our city on the cutting edge. Tiffany Schutt, Cofounder, PrettyIndy.com

I’ve never seen anywhere as open to networking as Indiana and specifically Indianapolis. Also, once you’ve found a great networking group that meets the necessary requirements (same target audience, sales cycles, etc) they actually begin to work FOR you and with you to help you grow your business faster than you’d ever be able to alone. John Cannon, Founder, MyCarDoc

Indiana…like any place in the United States is a great place to start a business. That’s what I love about this country. We don’t live in a caste system. There are no limits to what you can do if you are willing to work for it. The United States is fertile ground for entrepreneurs. – Mike Reed, Cofounder, Guardian Tracking

Indiana is a great place to start a business for the simple fact of the incredible amount of support and network opportunities available to entrepreneurs throughout the state. I firmly believe that once a startup begins networking they will find that we have a small town “everyone knows everyone” environment. – Josh Koch, Cofounder, TheTyros.com


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