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Today’s featured Indiana startup business is Wee | Behave, which is developing web based behavior and chore charts for kids and students. Personally I am pumped about this one because 1) I am just starting to use charts with my 4 year old daughter and 2) she loves playing with (breaking) my iPad. Seems if we can start charting via the web, I can whip the iPad out anywhere and update that chart with her – not just at home in the playroom. I spoke with Travis Ryan(@weebehave), sole founder and developer for WeeBehave about this new startup – check it out below. Also be sure to check out Travis with Brandon Corbin on the 8ify.com podcast (8ify.com = awesome).

Tell us about your startup…your words…whatever you want to say.

Many parents and schools use behavior and chore charts with their kids and students. Charts are also heavily used in homeschooling and special education. We are trying to make this more accessible and controlled. Practically no statistics or trends can be made from paper or magnetic charts. User interface and design is one of the foremost important things we concentrate on perfecting.

How did you come up with concept for your business, and how/when did the business model for that concept become clear?

The idea for WeeBehave started in March of 2010 when I wanted to find a way of doing behavior and chore charts on the web rather than waste paper. I quickly gathered more information about how charts are used in schools and also special education and it became abundantly clear that there was a real need for innovation. The business model has become much more clear recently due to so many teachers signing up for my service. While the service is free at the moment, I will be putting out more features both social and data driven that will be offered as the premium pay services of the freemium model.

What made you first believe that starting a business is right for you (i.e. as opposed to working for someone else)

I’ve always tried my hand in many projects since I can remember but this is the first one that seems to have really stuck with me and with my market. I can see this one sticking around for quite some time. 🙂

What challenges have you encountered?

The typical ups and downs of starting a business, starting and running it yourself, as well as having minimal time and resources to dedicate to it. It really takes perseverance to continue to expand under those conditions.

What sacrifices have you made to start your business?

I’ve funded this all out of pocket so far and I’m a man of little savings. A person has to be pretty creative and scrappy to be doing it this way.

In your opinion, what makes Indiana a great place to start your business?

I can’t say that I have much of an opinion on it, but I’ve been born and raised here, so I’d say it’s more about raising my children in this environment, more than running a business. You can’t have one without the other. If family life is good, that is one less thing to worry about when you’re running your business.

If you could give an entrepreneur looking to start a business one piece of advice…what would it be?

It might seem like a typical cliche, but the only way to get started, is to actually get started. I still feel the inherent forces that try to keep a person from pushing through, but it takes a real driven entrepreneur to ignore that and go for the glory (or failure) and not have regrets. I’ve failed or given up at many projects over the years, but I’ve had alot of fun doing them and surely have learned ALOT in the process..

Stat Sheet: WeeBehave

  • Business Name: WeeBehave
  • Website: http://weebehave.com
  • Facebook Fan Page: http://facebook.com/weebehave
  • Twitter Account (if applicable): @weebehave
  • Your title at the business: Founder
  • When was the business founded: March 2010
  • Business Description in 140 characters or less: We provide online behavior and chore charts to Parents and Teachers.

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  1. Nice write up B! I really look forward to watching WeeBehave grow. (Thanks for the 8ify love too!).


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