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I am a huge fan of and its fearless technology ninja leader @BrandonCorbin.  Earlier this week I had the pleasure to spend an hour talking with Brandon on episode 20 of his great @8ify podcast series.  I think it turned out pretty good, and we talk about what’s going on around Indy, about designing sewers (not kidding), and other wine/bourbon induced topics.

You can listen to the podcast here, or you even better, subscribe to the whole podcast series on iTunes.  You may note that the logo to the right has a really neato caricature of none other than Brandon Corbin himself.  This is way cooler than the stuffy picture of me wearing a tie that continues to circulate the Internet and is shown on the podcast page.

If you have any interest in recording a podcast, or if want to know more about why you SHOULD be recording a podcast for your business, you need to check out Brandon’s podcast production studio Digital Good Studio!  Tell him sent you, and maybe he’ll give me a cookie.

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